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Tatton Park Show, Mercedes Stand 23rd August 2015

August 23, 2015 : All day

Classic Car Show at Tatton Park

Biddulph Ukulele Group were invited to play on the Mercedes stand at the Classic Car Show at Tatton Park on 23rd August 2015. This was an 'all day' event where we performed a number of sets throughout the day.

This is an annual event, where the Mercedes Classic Car organisation invite us to play on one of the days whilst the show takes place over the weekend. A heavy rainstorm overnight saturated the ground, but by the time we arrived about 9am, the sun was up and the day turned out warm and sunny.

There is a 'transient audience' during this event, as people arrive in the area to stop for refreshments, and then move on to be replaced by others. The Mercedes staff usually put on an excellent lunch for the event, and this year was no exception. The BUG members played a couple of sets in the morning, and then as usual the staff did us proud with the food. There is no truth in the rumour that some members turned up purely for the food, and the wine and beer, but we felt obliged to join in as people had gone to so much trouble.

The forcast for a little rain from around 3pm proved to be absolutely accurate, and we played our final number as the rain came. I suppose we could say that the timing couldn't have been better! The customers seemed to enjoy our performance, and we certainly enjoyed performing. And I think we looked the part in our tangerine BUG shirts. (See image).